To Fearless Revival, Elmer Wheeler (1903-1968) was a multifaceted creative genius. In fact, he was a magic man of words. Elmer Wheeler was a brilliant wordsmith, salesman, book author and a global speaker.  Elmer Wheeler was the inventor of the phrase, “Don’t sell the steak, sell the sizzle.” Although the exact number is unclear, Elmer Wheeler wrote dozens of books including many on selling skills, sales strategies and sales success. They are all out of print as it appears nobody maintained the rights with publishers after his death. In these cases, you will have to settle for the pdf downloads  or old print books of his work.

Elmer Wheeler’s Wheelerpoint 1. Don’t sell the steak – sell the sizzle.
Elmer Wheeler’s Wheelerpoint 2. Don’t write – telegraph!
Elmer Wheeler’s Wheelerpoint 3. Say it with flowers.
Elmer Wheeler’s Wheelerpoint 4. Don’t ask if – ask which.
Elmer Wheeler’s Wheelerpoint 5. Watch your bark!

Elmer Wheeler’s Six Steps to Success:
1) Know what you want in life.
2) Put the daydream on paper.
3) Know where to start.
4) Set it in motion.
5) Don’t settle for less.
6) Know when to relax.

The video below shows Elmer Wheeler’s pioneering early use of video. I do not know the date that he first used video as a speaker marketing tool:

Rare Elmer Wheeler sales training film:

Elmer Wheeler Quotes:

Don’t sell the steak – sell the sizzle! – Elmer Wheeler Quootes

We are a part of everything we hear, of everybody we meet. – Elmer Wheeler Quotes

A successful man tells of successful ways to go places in life through simple methods anyone can use. – Elmer Wheeler Quotes

Be a good listener first – a good talker second. – Elmer Wheeler Quotes

Your first ten words are more important than your next 10,000. – Elmer Wheeler Quotes

You’ll go places if people have the right image of you. – Elmer Wheeler Quotes

People can detect honest sincerity. – Elmer Wheeler Quotes

Everybody lives by selling something. – Elmer Wheeler Quotes

If you want better workmanship around you, give people a chance to be an individual. – Elmer Wheeler Quotes

There’s hope when you know your faults, no hope when you refuse to admit them. – Elmer Wheeler Quotes

Say something simple. – Elmer Wheeler Quotes

It’s how you say what you say. – Elmer WheelerQuotes

Attract subtle attention to your strength. Turn the best side forward. – Elmer WheelerQuotes

Your first ten words are more important than your next 10,000. – Elmer WheelerQuotes

Look at others’ qualities, not their checking accounts. – Elmer WheelerQuotes

Give kindness when none is expected. – Elmer WheelerQuotes

Finding Elmer Wheeler‘s books is a slow and painful process. If you know anyone with an Elmer Wheeler book collection that they wish to donate to a good and loving home, please have them contact us.