Sometimes unthinkable events occur. The emotions are terrible. A family business can suffer severe damage as a result. Often other key family members need time away from the business at the time of crisis. This creates a ripple effect of disruption. We understand and work with available team members to stabilize the situation. We then work with you to develop a plan of next steps for you and the organization.

Examples of Common Family Business Emergency Advisory Pain Points:

  • Is a key executive suddenly unavailable to perform their duties?

  • Does this event reduce the capacity of other key people to perform their duties?

We will come onsite and stabilize the situation and allow people needed time to recover. We take an unpleasant situation and work hard to quietly make positive events occur. Then we assess the business with remaining staff. We provide time for you to focus on recovery. We can also leave you with a plan to rejuvenate the business upon the resolution of the event. You can then take new and different actions after the emergency has resolved. These could range from generational transition to developing an exit strategy.

Benefits to you:

  • Create effective business strategy solutions for you and your family business team

  • Improve your business performance by altering your mindset and refocusing priorities

Please contact us to check availability to serve you.