Creativity can solve almost any problem. The creative act, the defeat of habit by originality overcomes everything. – George Lois

You don’t get harmony when everyone sings the same note. – Doug Floyd

You have likely experienced a corporate executive retreat. What is typically the primary activity? Team building exercises. You groan, sometimes all too loudly. You yawn. Even grimace. You wish you were somewhere else. You and your team spend the time frustrated that you did not address the actual strategic issues that matter. You need better corporate team building ideas & activities.

How did this happen? Why did your time and money get wasted in this manner? What is the typical end result? Days of lost productivity and lower morale than before you started the corporate retreat. You have nothing to show for your large expenditures for airfare, hotels, venues, meals, and talent.

Do you wish it could all be different and new? It can be. Imagine addressing meaningful concerns with long-lasting effects from your activities. You would then leave with a refreshed mindset that allows you to take new and different actions. Imagine retreats that are tailored to your organization, making the experience relevant to you and everyone else. The event program can be both fun and effective. It all starts with advance planning of the corporate team building retreat.

Many societal trends are causing certain activities that were once effective to become ineffective. Due to our extensive proprietary research, we have identified the causes of these trends. The end result is an executive retreat that is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Imagine addressing meaningful issues with a level of insight that allows you to see how all the pieces fit together and leaving with a unified business strategy you can take back to your office and implement rapidly with renewed confidence.

You will develop a different mindset and new behaviors that will make your approach different upon your return to office. An executive retreat that catapults people in new directions. A CEO, board and/or teams with renewed purpose and drive. A meeting planner thrilled that they have found a way to have actual upside in planning a board or corporate retreat.

Please put down the foam mallets and contact us! You will start on a new journey that will alter your conduct in the months and years ahead. It starts by understanding forces that do not want you to have a successful executive retreat. Your entrenched large business strategy consulting firm may actually fear you having an effective executive retreat. You may realize that their methods are your problem.

Fearless Revival creates a path for you to create an effective corporate executive retreat. New mindset creation sets a foundation for different future outcomes. Fearless Revival uses techniques based on proven fundamentals to stimulate new acumen, creativity and while building teamwork around issues that matter.