What will Fearless Revival do for you? Fearless Revival reshapes priorities and activities which will lead you to making more effective decisions. We apply our premier business acumen and perceptual acuity for your benefit. We seek to remove misinformation and challenge foundational assumptions and beliefs. This creates proper focus for you and others on new and different issues. These activities transform individual mindsets, organizations, businesses, governments, and, when used properly, societies. The process often starts with a custom planned executive retreat in distinctive destination. Certain Fearless Revival definitions are more relevant to you from our definition choices below:

Fearless adjective
1) making effective decisions in new directions using premier perceptual acuity and business acumen
2) seeking outside perspective on a situation to achieve a new and different result
3) challenging long-held, deep assumptions
4) not afraid, in a way that people admire
5) without fear, bold or brave, intrepid

Revival noun
1) instance of returning to life or consciousness; restoration of vigor or vitality
2) the process of something or someone becoming popular or fashionable again
3) improvement, either countable or uncountable, in the condition of strength of something or someone
4) restoration to life, consciousness, vigor, strength, etc.
5) an awakening, in a church, community or society, of interest in and care for matters relating to personal or business success by focusing on the right things
6) an evangelistic service or series of services for the purposes of effecting a mindset reawakening
7) the act of reviving or the state of revival
8) a new production of a play, move, music or event not performed for some time
9) a reawakening of faith or renewal of commitment to religion or other activity
10) the re-establishment of validity It is time for people, businesses, and our society to undergo a Fearless Revival.

We offer you a clear, superior alternative to large, leveraged consulting firms who often embed large teams into your organization perpetually, leech your resources, and expand the scope of their projects while limiting meaningful deliverables. These actions are creating direct conflicts of interest and/or corporate governance issues and the CEO and board of directors have a duty to take action to remove the problem. Our founder, David Dalka, believes your organization and our society deserves better. Remember when business strategy consultants diagnosed issues, identified root cause issues and designed solutions with precision? It can still be this way if you make the right choices in professional services providers.

You alter your perceptions as we rediscover the old and new together and define new paths to future success. Let the next renaissance across society begin with your Fearless Revival. Are you ready for a one-of-a-kind Fearless Revival? Then please contact us. Not ready to talk? Still need to learn more? Please visit our values manifesto pageapproach page, strategy consulting timeline page or learn more about our founder, David Dalka.