Based on our exclusive, proprietary research, Fearless Revival practices and provides timeless advice. Technology and management information systems now alter organizations, business models and society in both positive and unintended ways. We help you take control and increase the positive outcomes. We often use techniques that were once commonplace but that large firms cannot use for their business model to survive.

Fearless Revival can work with you in several ways:

Discreet meeting(s) with an organization’s CEO, CXO or other executive team members

Discreet high-stakes corporate retreat(s) with CEO, CXO, executive team or board at an offsite location

Active assessment of operations for CEO or CXO executive that creates new perspectives, behaviors and actions

Designing executive retreat(s) to shift focus from buzzwords and symptoms to root cause drivers

Due diligence and other related assessments for investment banking, private equity, and commercial banks

Fearless Revival sees emerging opportunities in future business models, strategy and organizational structure. This brings opportunity to the Chief Executive Officer and other executives to alter the landscape. Based on our exclusive, proprietary research, Fearless Revival practices and provides timeless advice. We bring lessons that were once common sense in the past. Technology and management information systems now alter organizations and society in unintended ways. We help you take control and reverse that.

With Fearless Revival, you don’t get just the future or the past. You will discover how the future and timeless business practices can work together to create a better result. Ignoring certain trends and letting past business acumen slip away causes harm. Chasing the technology of the moment is causing great angst, frustration and wasted resources. It does not have to be that way. Fearless Revival puts you in a much different place.

Our founder worked at financial services giant BlackRock when it had only 80 employees and knows how to alter business models and embrace enterprise risks as an opportunity. We will challenge long-held assumptions, create unique value and explore new competitive advantages. This typically involves creating a different corporate culture that rewards action and focus on the customer.

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Question: Do you write strategy consulting proposals?
Answer: No. Our role is to diagnose symptoms to identify unseen root causes for you to make different and improved decisions, consider different pathways and change the way you allocate your time in favorable ways. This can only occur once working on a project with you. This is why our initial engagement letter is a simple one page document. A major problem with business strategy consulting today is the way that it is purchased in the first place. Real change starts the moment you decide to engage the right new firm. We help you make that possible.

Question: What are your strategy consulting deliverables?
Answer: We do not endlessly pursue meaningless buzzwords, specialist data points and make giant PowerPoint™ decks that serve to contribute to content overload and increase the growing attention deficit disorder crisis. Our number one deliverable is to change the mindset of the executives we serve so that they have new experiences, activities and thought patterns so they are able to drive organizations to make different and more effective decisions.

In the end we want our client executives to be more relevant, more relaxed and have long and prosperous careers. Fearless Revival believes that we are there to serve the CEO, board of directors and other senior executives first and foremost using our unique, proprietary processes. The enterprise will improve along the way as strong external perceptual acuity and business acumen replaces other influences that can serve to subconsciously crowd out relevant information.

Question: What is your favorite quote about fear?
Answer: Do the thing you fear, and the death of fear is certain. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Question: Where is your book? Answer: We deliver strategy based on interactive conversations with you. These are customized for your needs and situation. Each situation is unique. We provide service that is tailored for your situation, not one size fits all solutions. While there is a book under development, it is the research to develop a proper nonfiction book proposal that creates a platform for effective consulting. We already have that completed.