Third party providers can create undetected and severe conflicts of interest and corporate governance risks. Does your organization have a plan to identify corporate governance third party management services, react and protect itself? Fearless Revival has unique credentials to lead assessment of this important area for you.

Examples of Common Corporate Governance Third Party Management Services Pain Points:

  • Are your third parties always acting in your organization’s best interest?

  • Does procurement create risks and opportunity costs that aren’t monitored and considered?

  • Are third parties creating corporate governance risks and vulnerabilities that go undetected?

Most organizations use more third parties than ever before. When large, leveraged strategy consulting firms stays on for a long time, major risks and conflicts of interest can result. Some of these risks are hard to miss once considered with fresh perspective. Yet some are hard to see at all. We enable you to discover and then consider emerging risks and vulnerabilities. Corrective actions can then occur. Let us assess your third party risks. The risks of not doing so are too high not to take immediate action.

Benefits to you:

  • Increase clarity through discovery and dismissal of incorrect diagnosis, misinformation and meaningless buzzwords. Nimble, effective actions replace unnecessary activities that once seemed important

  • Create effective third party risk solutions for you that enable you to address issues

  • Improve your third party risk performance by altering your mindset and refocusing priorities

Organizations that have effective corporate governance practices tend to be lower risk, higher performance and less awkward surprise type events. Start a new way of doing business today.