A History Timeline of Business Strategy Consulting and What Led to the Creation of Fearless Revival

500BC The book The Art of War allegedly written by Sun Tzu released

1911 Frederick Winslow Taylor publishes The Principles of Scientific Management

1926 James Oscar McKinsey founds McKinsey & Company in Chicago

1932 Peter F Drucker publishes an essay on a German conservative philosopher, Friedrich Julius Stahl. This booklet offends the emerging Nazi government, who bans and burns the pamphlets. Peter Drucker flees to London

1933 Marvin Bower joins McKinsey & Company

1937 James Oscar McKinsey passes away after saving Marshall Field’s from bankruptcy during the Great Depression

1939 Andrew Thomas Kearney creates new firm after a dispute, McKinsey name sold to Bower at a later time

1943 Peter F Drucker becomes a naturalized citizen of the United States

1957 Andrew Grove emigrates to the United States and later becomes CEO of Intel. Mr. Grove understands organizational structure and communication with the customer in ways that allows him to transform a company that produces a commodity into a market leading organization with high margins

1963 Bruce D Henderson founds Boston Consulting Group at age 48

1967 Peter F Drucker writes The Effective Executive

1968 Russell L Ackoff and Maurice W Sasieni writes Fundamentals of Operations Research

1973 Bill Bain’s “Blue Team” leaves Boston Consulting Group to create Bain & Company

1977 Ram Charan resigns Harvard University professorship to advise CEOs & Boards

1982 Tom Peters & Thomas Waterman release the book In Search of Excellence, over 8 million copies sold

1982 Ken Blanchard & Spencer Johnson release The One Minute Manager, over 13 million copies sold

1986 Russell L Ackoff writes Management in Small Doses

1988 Harvey MacKay releases Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive, over 5 Million copies sold

1990 Our founder, David Dalka, graduates from DePaul University. He then joins investment firm Stein, Roe & Farnham

1993 Our founder, David Dalka, joins Alliance Capital LP, a division of AXA

1993 Harvard Professor David H. Maister writes Managing The Professional Services Firm. The book starts an increase in the use of professional services / business strategy firm leverage. Unchecked, this can be quite harmful to their clients. Two decades later, this business practice is now creating conflicts of interest and corporate governance issues

1995 Our founder, David Dalka, joins BlackRock during 80 to 800 person growth phase. BlackRock reinvents financial service customer, data & business models with an amazing team and corporate culture. The experience forms a foundational belief system that guides him to this day

1998 Google launched

1999 Our founder, David Dalka, joins PPM America, a Division of Prudential plc. He creates new lines of business and strategic technology processes

2003 Our creator graduates from “Top 10” MBA school during the post 9/11 & dot.com bust recession

2003 Russell L Ackoff and Sheldon Rovin write Redesigning Society

2005 Our founder, David Dalka, attends a search engine business conference. There he recognizes numerous emerging organizational structure opportunities that need attention

2006 Our creator states best use of social media will be listening. Pete Prestipino laughs at him. Today dozens of platforms do just that for thousands of companies

2007 A traditional CMO tells our founder that they would not hire themselves for their job today due to many changes in the role in the Internet era

2009 While at several technology startups, change management challenges in using new technology for becomes an area of passion for our founder

2010 Our founder, David Dalka, takes a book proposal writing class and then writes a proposal that he decided was not the right book for that point in time. This changes his view of the world.

2011 Our creator starts to hear stories of professional services not providing value in digital strategy and creating corporate governance issues

2012 Our founder, David Dalka, becomes aware that many have forgotten what effective talent management used to be

2013 Underhiring talent, whether external or internal, becomes a crisis across society. Great harm occurs to businesses and individuals. Our founder clearly sees the need to reverse this trend

2013-2018 Our founder, David Dalka, researches over 3,000+ books and  scholarly articles over several years and participates in thousands of conferences and major events since 2006.

2019 Fearless Revival defines superior offerings after signs of need for a revived strategy consulting firm business model

2020 Fearless Revival reveals offerings with board and corporate executive retreats, business keynote speaking and CEO/CXO strategic advisory services

We encourage you to make non-linear decisions and discover new realities. We work with you to develop customized approaches that lead to better outcomes. What symptoms and concerns do you currently have that need a different path? We locate symptoms and translate them to root cause issues for appropriate action. What vision do you seek to make a reality? We help discover the gaps in the journey. Then we develop effective ways for you and your organization to achieve at the highest level.

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