If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers. – Thomas Pynchon

The serious or complex problems we face cannot be solved by the same consciousness that created them. – Albert Einstein

Explanations always lie outside the system, never inside.Russell L. Ackoff

Creativity can solve almost any problem. The creative act, the defeat of habit by originality overcomes everything. – George Lois

Innovation requires parting with current conventional thought. – David Dalka 

Are you getting the actual value you deserve from your traditional business strategy consulting firms? Several gradual trends over the past few decades suggest it is quite likely that you are not. If you don’t currently have a top business strategy consulting firm in place, this page will guide you to make effective choices in selecting your next business strategy consulting firm. Realizing that new outcomes must occur often proves the hardest step in selecting a new business strategy consulting firm.

Using Fearless Revival leads to different activities, mindsets, and results:

  • Fearless Revival gives you big thinkers to identify and address your most serious challenges

  • Fearless Revival helps leaders see organizations in new ways that enable effective strategy

  • Fearless Revival recognizes 21st-century opportunities to create organizational design transformation

  • Fearless Revival focuses on creating results for you, your organization and stakeholders

  • Fearless Revival challenges assumptions that lead to altered executive mindsets and different decisions

  • Fearless Revival considers risk, corporate governance and CEO-level issues to act on in everything we do

  • Fearless Revival brings clarity and actionable strategies, not information overload and complexity

  • Fearless Revival considers both positive and negative technology impacts, so that you can take proper actions

Most likely, your current strategy consulting providers often no longer add positive value. Put simply, outsourcing is NOT strategic business consulting. Quality strategy consulting changes mindsets, decision making, resource allocation and then results. Ethical and meaningful consulting does not advocate organizational chart, budget and sourcing changes for the long-term or perpetual benefit of the current global strategy consulting firm. Realizing this fact and taking action to end it will be the hardest step in switching to Fearless Revival. We have witnessed organizations deep in Stockholm Syndrome. You can escape from this kind of consulting firm tyranny and prosper. Our actionable advice and lower overall cashflow outlay model make switching a genuine pleasure.

Most strategy consulting firms tell you what you want to hear. We will tell you what you need to hear.

For each of the advantages listed above, a disadvantage is listed below for large leveraged global business strategy consulting firms. We urge you to read both lists twice…make that three times. Better yet, print this page and bring it to your next meeting for a discussion about business strategy consulting firms with your co-workers and executive team. When you do this, the right choice for the future will become quite clear. You need to switch and commit to a new course of action to get the services, actions and mindset changes you deserve and need for a better future. A small, boutique CEO & board advisory services firm capable of enabling new and divergent outcomes for senior management is rare. Identifying the right one is difficult.

Large, leveraged global business strategy consulting firms have an evolving business model and social contract which actually harms the clients they claim to serve:

  • Large, leveraged consulting firms utilize inexperienced junior staff to increase their profits at the expense of effective advice

  • Junior specialists serving silos often create bigger problems in other silos than they solve due to a lack of overall understanding

  • Large consulting firms influence your organizational design to benefit their perpetual revenue streams

  • Large consulting firms create information overload with redundant analysis and endless PowerPoint presentations

  • Large consulting firms often serve specialists instead of the whole system, creating new problems in the process

  • Large consulting firms slow decision-making, add complexity and unnecessary activities to benefit themselves

  • Large consulting firms focus on buzzwords creating “benefits” that often do not positively impact financial statements

Fearless Revival acts in a different manner. We seek to help you reverse undesirable and often hidden trends that prevent you from receiving the value you need from your global professional services relationships.

What is effective strategy consulting all about? Challenging your assumptions about your current and future target state so that more effective future outcomes take place. Otherwise, you are overpaying for an outsourced worker performing a commodity task. Why would anyone continue to do that? Better yet, why would anyone decide to do that in the first place? We start an overdue reversal process to return to an era of useful, actionable advice to senior executives. Fearless Revival focuses on the fundamentals in a timeless fashion.

We act as industry pioneers who use unique and divergent activities. Large legacy business strategy consulting firms cannot do this due to their leveraged global staff model. This leads to a focus on mundane reporting and overpriced tactical activities. In an era of leveraged junior staff doing specialized tasks disconnected from reality, we create a positive small boutique alternative. This is most appropriate for senior management seeking advice on determining the changes that need to be led and a true systems thinking perspective.

Are you willing to take the first steps to explore switching business strategy consulting firms?  How can you afford not to? We are sorry that you live in a time of rapid and non-linear change. Your situation could actually be much different than it appears. Your current global business strategy consulting firm providers are likely not meeting your needs in the ways that they used to. Worse, they are often enriching consulting firm stakeholders using excessive leverage which does not serve you well.

Suggested reading, if you aren’t yet convinced that your future success depends on replacing large, leveraged business strategy consulting firms:

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Dangerous Company: Management Consultants and the Businesses They Save and Ruin by James O’Shea and Charles Madigan, 1998, Penguin Books

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