Associations have many challenges in the twenty-first century. The Internet has created the perception that there are cheaper alternatives to associations. Numerous other trends are causing stress on the business model of associations. Corporations and other organizations often reduce conference budgets for other spending activities that produce less value. We understand why. Contrary to popular belief, you can reverse these budget trends.

Examples of common association pain points:

  • Do you have declining membership, conference attendance or a reduction of expo hall booths?

  • Is your association becoming too reliant on sponsor revenue? Is this compromising your content integrity?

  • When you look at the age distribution of your membership, is it even across age groups?

Associations have a clear choice – evolve or perish. Looking beyond current revenue and member numbers to meet future member needs often proves difficult. Not doing so leads to slow decline that hurts the association, members, partners and employees. Creating an external focus enables new strategic value creation. Your members and attendees will value you more highly and your retention rates should improve.

Benefits to you:

  • Increase clarity through discovery and dismissal of incorrect diagnosis, misinformation and meaningless buzzwords. Nimble, effective actions replace imprudent activities that once seemed important

  • Create effective, association business model solutions with you

  • Improve your business model performance by altering your mindset and refocusing priorities

Start a new way of doing business today.