Fearless Revival Values Manifesto

Focus upon great customer experiences over financial engineering to grow profits
External customer focus must guide resource allocation, activities & culture creation
Action empowerment allows positive corporate culture & customer satisfaction to flourish
Relevant customer interactions should guide actions, incentives & organizational design
Lead decision-making with customer-focused business acumen & proper perceptual acuity
Empirical observations lead to better outcomes than automated, niche analysis does
Stimulate decision-making approaches that bring fresh context & effective governance
Seek speed, superior business acumen, common sense & simplicity relentlessly

Revenue flows to organizations as a reward for creating superior customer value
Encourage naturally curious lifelong learning & hire those with a growth mindset
Verify activities directly, obtain fresh perspective & then make different decisions
Investigate symptoms, then treat root cause organizational business issues urgently
Value propositions should focus on how the customer finds you & how you benefit them
Acquire effective executives based on diverse lifetime experience, not recent job titles
Leadership uses technology nimbly & allocates resources to do only relevant activities

Mission Statement

Fearless Revival believes that naturally curious individuals with unique life experiences using proprietary and disciplined customer-focused business acumen and superior external perceptual acuity will consistently add strategic value to organizations. Fearless Revival has rare and valuable expertise that ignites positive mindset change. You can then take proper action by making improved decisions. When you and your organization use our approach, refined over two decades, you will have positive changes in mindset. This results in culture change, reduced enterprise risk, corporate governance renewal and improve financial performance. You deserve the best results possible.

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